NuKlear (URINE ADDITIVE) was perfected after thousands of hours of lab work. It is a great breakthrough - the smallest, most potent, undetectable urine purifier sold today. It's predecessor "Klear" was so successful that the drug testing industry devised a test specifically to test for Klear. Counter measures were called for and after a year and a half your scientists perfected NuKlear. NuKlear is EASY TO USE and CLEARS ALL POSITIVES FOR EMIT (THE BASIC URINE TEST). USED SUCCESSFULLY FOR 13 YEARS.

Powdered Urine is guaranteed drug free. This product WILL WORK FOR ANY KIND OF URINE TEST. It must be premixed and stored near the body (in the water proof bags included) to be kept warm. Powdered urine HAS WORKED ON ALL DRUG TESTS FOR OVER 25 YEARS.

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